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My Story

Singing has always been a part of who I am. I began my singing career on the hilltop overlooking my neighborhood as a little girl and grew to singing in churches, schools, choirs, musicals and opera all around the world. I knew that singing filled my soul. However, after going through a period of intense anxiety in my life, I struggled to navigate my nerves while performing for people. 


It many ways felt uncontrollable, because in rehearsal spaces and lessons I could sing easily, but the moment I got into the production or audition space everything came crashing down. One such experience that really broke me down was an opportunity I had to audition for multiple directors of various companies at one audition. I was in the space, I knew the aria, but I was nervous, which is normal for any singer. I started the aria and got through the slow section ok, and then the fast section came and I could feel my throat closing. I could feel my body freeze and my eyes go like a deer in the headlights. I couldn’t even finish every phrase. This left me feeling frustrated and broken because I knew I had so much to offer that no one in that room had been able to see or feel. 


Despite all the experiences similar to the one mentioned above, I continued to seek mentors and take opportunities to sing and remind my voice and soul that singing makes me feel alive. Soon after this and several other similar experiences came the pandemic and global shutdown. It was a perfect chance for me to take a break. I was burnt out from taking auditions and feeling like a failure, not being able to produce and share my voice. I just wanted to in many ways be done. Quit. Finite. 


But yet there still was that burning desire to sing and to feel alive in that way. So I did small things that rekindled the joy of music in my soul, like an online performance with my cousin who is also a singer/performer, doing a virtual birthday recital with some of my favorite music in various styles that was near and dear to my heart. Then as the world began to open up again I continued to take church and other gigs that began to rebuild my confidence. 


Then I started auditioning for the military bands in the Washington DC area. I practiced well, making sure my music was prepared and singing it to many groups of people. Then I went to my first in person audition in a long time… and I had SO MUCH FUN. Was I nervous before? Yes. But I knew I was prepared. And the feeling of shutting down didn’t show up. And in the end I wasn’t chosen for that gig, BUT I knew I had been enough. I knew my singing had been great and I was confident in my voice. 


As a passionate and professional singer, I am continually immersed in the pursuit of progression, refining my technique and seeking out new avenues for growth. And guess what? I understand the power of perseverance and self-belief in this artistic journey. It is through my own experiences that I have discovered the profound impact of embracing challenges and sharing our unique talents with the world. And I am ready to guide you through a transformative process with small yet powerful practices, where we will conquer obstacles, unveil your vocal potential and attain your vocal dreams. Together, we will better understand the strength of your unique voice, harness more of its power and leave with a greater sense of confidence and joy in song. 


Through my struggles, I discovered that we can change our circumstances, one small success at a time, and find the joy in singing again. I want to help you and others who may feel like they need to quit because their struggle seems insurmountable. I believe that we all have something to share, and I want to encourage people to find and connect with their voice, choosing what works for them.


From this experience, I learned that there are moments where we want to sing at the top of our lungs, but we feel like we can't open our mouths or maybe even breathe. I don't want anyone to feel like that because everyone deserves a chance to share their voice. That's why I'm building a business to help people rediscover the joy of singing and overcome their obstacles, one small success at a time.


If my story resonated with you, I would love to hear from you. Please feel free to contact me and share what you connected with. You can also book a call with me to learn more about my business and how I can help you reconnect with your voice.


Thank you for taking the time to read my story, and I hope to hear from you soon!

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